New in 2012: Space Foundation Visitors Center

In October, we realized a long-time dream with the opening of our Visitors Center in Colorado Springs.

The facility, housed within our headquarters, comprises two areas: the Northrop Grumman Science Center and the El Pomar Space Gallery.


4425 Arrowswest Dr.
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Just a few miles from the world-famous Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak!

Northrop Grumman Science Center, featuring Science On a Sphere®

Made possible by a $375,000 donation from Northrop Grumman, the Northrop Grumman Science Center is the cornerstone of the Visitors Center and a teaching lab for S-STEM education programs for teachers, students and the community. It features a Science On a Sphere® (SOS), a dynamic spherical projection system that uses special software and satellite imagery to render dramatic, full motion views of the Earth, Sun, moons and planets. Developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), SOS graphically illustrates complex science principles in a compelling and easy-to-understand format. Our SOS has more than 350 unique datasets covering topics as diverse as satellite images of planets and moons, the paths of hurricanes and tsunamis, daily air traffic patterns, ocean currents and temperatures, plate tectonics and weather patterns. The Northrop Grumman Science Center is the home site for our Sphere education program, SOS-based classes for students of all ages. 

El Pomar Space Gallery

The El Pomar Space Gallery houses a sampling of the Space Foundation's extensive artifacts collection. The initial exhibit, Launch to the Moon, chronicles the 1957-1976 U.S./Soviet space race, with a focus on the goal to be the first to the Moon. The exhibits include space suits, model rockets and modules, space food, videos, educational timelines and some rare soviet space artifacts on loan from the Kansas Cosmosphere.

Grand Opening

We opened our new Visitors Center during World Space Week with a series of events:

  • Oct. 5: Festive Grand Opening featuring presentations by the Space Foundation and senior Northrop Grumman representatives.
  • Oct. 6: Northrop Grumman family day with tours, demonstrations and fun educational activities for Colorado Northrop Grumman employees and their families.
  • Oct. 9: Public opening with an autograph session with former NASA Astronaut and Space Foundation Special Advisor - Human Spaceflight Dr. Leroy Chiao. 
  • Oct. 9: Educator event with tours and demonstrations for Colorado school superintendents, curriculum administrators, principals and members of the Space Foundation Teacher Liaison program.

Coming Next

Within the next few years, we will significantly expand the El Pomar Space Gallery to include new exhibits and showcase many, many more space artifacts. We plan to build a teaching auditorium for both onsite and distance-learning enhancements to our already-extensive Space Foundation education programs. And, we plan to open a Space Technology Hall of Fame® that will allow visitors to experience the profound impact that space technology has had on our everyday lives, as well as honoring the individuals who discovered and developed these amazing innovations.

As we grow, we will transform into a full-scale education facility called the Space Foundation Discovery Center.

To help us expand, contact us at [email protected], +1.719.576.8000 or +1.800.691.4000.



A cadre of dedicated volunteers, many with extensive space background, work both behind the scenes and on the floor at the Space Foundation Visitors Center. Their support and enthusiasm are invaluable - and greatly appreciated.


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