Orion's Path Online Science Lab

Created by Lockheed Martin, the Space Foundation and SpaceClass, Orion's Path is an interactive, virtual laboratory classroom project that forms a link among teachers, students and NASA's exploration program known as Constellation.

The Space Foundation contributed resources to the site for teachers who require more in-depth information about space science topics. The program delivery is located on the SpaceClass Web site at http://spaceclass.org/. Classroom lesson extensions for teachers are available for each segment of the Orion's Path lesson. Click on the links below  to access these valuable resources.

Orion's Path is an interactive lesson on SpaceClass - the only web-based education program using videos and virtual science labs to engage students in research being conducted for space exploration. Lesson content meets National Learning Standards for middle school grades and use of the site is free to teachers.

Orion is the crew exploration vehicle that will take humans to the moon and beyond, designed and developed by NASA and its prime contractor Lockheed Martin.

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