AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory

AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory courses teach space-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S-STEM) principles and other subject areas in a format that appeals to the high-touch, fast-paced video game generation. Offering students the opportunity to use the same state-of-the-art modeling and visualization software used by space industry professionals, the AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory features equipment and software donated by Space Foundation Corporate Member Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI).


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The standards-based courses, which are taught by accredited Space Foundation instructors, are custom-designed to support classroom curriculum. Among the many hands-on exercises that may be incorporated are:

  • Creating 3-D mission scenarios for a variety of spacecraft
  • Determining when the International Space Station will pass overhead
  • Understanding the principles behind the GPS system
  • Learning about ellipses through manipulation of satellite orbits

Missions can be run that support any part of school curriculum, including science, technology, math, language arts, physical education and social studies or we can custom-design a mission for you and your students.

The Space Foundation education team works with teachers before and after each session to ensure that the course supports learning objectives in the classroom.

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The AGI Space Missions Simulation Laboratory is open to school groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, church groups, educators and corporate groups for team building opportunities.

For information on scheduling an event and pricing, contact the Space Foundation via email at [email protected] or via phone at +1.719.576.8000 or +1.800.691.4000.

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