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Landslides in Marcia crater. Marcia is a 58-kilometre diameter crater near Vesta's equator. The topography of the crater is a bit unusual, as it does not have the typical bowl shape, like that of a crater on the Moon. This is likely the result of mass movements in the interior of the crater. Material from Marcia's right edge slid to its interior, forming a shallower slope. The image shows details up to a...

Illumination map of Shackleton crater (circle just to the right of center). The area within the crater that receives no solar light (i.e., lies permanently in shadow) is believed to maintain a temperature of about 40 K (-233 °C or -388 °F). If water vapor has been deposited there, it should remain frozen at or below the surface.

The walls of the Moon’s Shackleton crater are...

Mohawk Guy, Bobak Ferdowsi, to Host Third Rock Radio Show. Photo credit/NASA


Bobak Ferdowsi, the NASA flight controller who earned an enthusiastic youthful following during the Aug. 6 landing of NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, will host the NASA-sponsored Third Rock  radio broadcast on Thursday at 4 p.m., EDT.

“I never thought I’d be hosting a radio show,” Ferdowsi said. “Landing a rover on Mars rocks...

Becoming Spacefarers: Rescuing America’s Space Program by James A. Vedda; Xlibris Publishing; Bloomington, Indiana; Casebound Hardcover: $29.99; 2012.

Just in time for an election year!

The author has provided a no-nonsense review of what arguably seems to be the nonsensical and on-going twisted trajectory of U.S. space program. This is a well-reasoned and expertly researched...

The “Mighty Eagle” soars above the tree line. The vehicle was "open loop" -- navigating autonomously without the command of the onboard camera and flying on a preprogrammed flight profile. Credit: NASA/MSFC/Fred Deaton

“The Eagle has landed.”

That declaration by Neil Armstrong was heard from Tranquility Base in 1969. But the phrase was used again on August 28th as engineers watched...


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