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Global Space News

Just as Curiosity revs up its scientific mission on Mars, NASA has selected a new mission to the Red Planet.

The space agency announced that InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a NASA Discovery Program mission that will place a single geophysical lander on Mars to study its deep interior.

InSight would launch in 2016. The lander...


Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, left, moves a Russian construction crane. Fellow spacewalker Yuri Malenchenko, right, maneuvers his partner on a second crane anchored outside the International Space Station's Russian segment. Photo Credit/NASA TV

Russian cosmonauts...

Mini ion thrusters are manufactured using micro-manufacturing techniques. This image shows an example of the different parts comprising a thruster. The finalized device is at the bottom right, measuring 1 cm by 1 cm and 2 mm in thickness. Photo: M. Scott Brauer

A worry about the proliferation of CubeSat satellite launches is adding clutter to an already troublesome amount of Earth-circling...

Color view of Curiosity on Mars

Thanks to the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) the Curiosity rover was sitting on the surface of Mars.

This color-enhanced view of NASA’s Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars was taken by the MRO’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) as it flew overhead.

Colors have been enhanced to show the subtle color variations near the rover, which result from different types...


President Obama offers praise to NASA's Curiosity rover team from Air Force One. White House Photo

President Obama was filled with praise for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory early Monday, when he called the control center for the Mars Science Laboratory from Air Force One to check in on the Curiosity rover.

Early Aug. 6, Curiosity settled into Gale Crater on Mars, the on target...


Live Sun Image

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