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Boeing is one of several companies working with NASA to develop U. S. commercial crew transportion services to the International Space Station. In this illustration, Boeing's seven passenger CST-100 prepares to dock to the orbiting research lab. Image Credit/Boeing


NASA and the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation...

A Boeing-built X-37B has swooped down from space to an...

Credit: CMSE

China’s latest, milestone making, space voyage is underway.

The June 16th liftoff of the...

Outside Aquarius earlier this year. The undersea lab is serving as a habitat for a NASA analog mission to an asteroid. Photo Credit/NASA/Facebook

Four U.S., European and Japanese astronauts will evaluate a range of asteroid exploration strategies, following their descent on Monday to NOAA’s Aquarius Reef Base under sea habitat off Key Largo,Fla., for a 12-day stay....

Credit: NASA/ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team

When you look up at the Earth’s moon – it’s obvious that it was on the receiving end of impacting objects.

New research is also showing that Mars too is a beaten up and battered world.

Here’s the count, according to scientists identifying impact craters on the red planet that are roughly a kilometer or more in diameter.



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