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Global Space News

Dream Chaser takes flight over NASA Dryden Desert. Credit: Carla Thomas/NASA

NASA partner Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) of Louisville, Colo., successfully completed a captive-carry test of the firm’s Dream Chaser spacecraft today at the...


NASA will bring its Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, a 16 inch space telescope, out of retirement in September to scan the solar system for potential destinations for the agency’s proposed Asteroid Retrieval Mission — an ambitious bid to corral a small asteroid into orbit around the moon, where it could be explored by U. S. astronauts.

WISE was launched in 2009 and deactivated two years ago.


Former shuttle astronaut, Jeffrey Hoffman, shows off the stylish S3. Credit: Aurora Flight Sciences/MIT

A low-profile, lightweight, space suit simulator has been delivered to NASA, designed to meet the space agency’s research and training needs.

Aurora Flight Sciences headquartered in Manassas, Virginia has collaborated with MIT experts to create an...

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden greeted eight new astronaut candidates at the Johnson Space Center in Houston on Tuesday, the first of their profession to join the space agency in four years.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden welcomed eight new astronaut candidates to the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Bolden was a new astronaut candidate himself in 1980. Photo Credit/NASA.


Credit: ISECG

A new report has been released, the Global Exploration Roadmap for 2013, an action plan for space exploration.

The Global Exploration Roadmap is being developed by space agencies participating in the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG): Italy, France, Canada, Germany, the European Space Agency, India, Japan, the Republic of...

Rosetta spacecraft en route to a comet. Credit: ESA

In the course of one orbit around the Sun, the...


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