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Global Space News

An artist’s conception shows a sampling rocket, with a tether linking a return capsule inside the rocket to a recovery craft. Credit: Univ. of Washington

A University of Washington (UW) class is crashing rockets into the ground…and on purpose.

The student project is called “Sample Return Systems for Extreme Environments,” a novel technology that recently received $500,000 over two years from the NASA...


The International Space Station nears 13 years of continuous staffing by astronauts. Photo Credit/NASA


As though she was counting down a space mission launch, NASA International Space Station program scientist Julie Robinson has been running through her list of top 10 science achievements carried out aboard the six person orbiting science lab...

Orion, the new NASA spacecraft under development to transport U. S. astronauts to an assortment of deep space destinations, including the asteroids, the moon and eventually Mars, has been powered up for the first time at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where it is being prepared for its first unpiloted test flight in the fall of 2014.

Engineers power up NASA's next human...

European Space Agency's Mars Express. Credit: ESA

Valles Marineris on Mars....

Three of NASA’s most capable space telescopes are joining forces for “Frontier Fields,” a three year campaign to study six of the most massive galaxy clusters in the universe.

Pandora's Cluster will be the first target of the Frontier Fields Campaign. Image Credit/Space Telescope Science Institute/NASA

They will start with Abell 2744, also known as Pandora’s...


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