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Global Space News

If an asteroid hits, the consequences are clear. The Barringer Crater in Arizona is 1,200 meters wide and was produced by an asteroid 50 meters in size. Credit: Stefan Seip/DLR via EMI



Portions of U. S.  space policy focused on the future of human space exploration are seriously adrift, according to two George Washington University experts in the field.

The declarations from Scott Pace, the director of GWU’s Space Policy Institute and a former NASA associate administrator for program analysis and evaluation, and John Logsdon, founder of GWU’s space policy institute, member of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board and space historian, emerged late this week, as a divisive Congress prepares to return to Washington from a summer break. They echo recent concerns raised by the U. S. National Research Council and the Space Foundation, a Colorado non...

“SpiderFab” enables on-orbit fabrication of large spacecraft components such as antennas, solar panels, trusses, and other multifunctional structures. Artwork: TUI


Curiosity rover tried out auto-nav in a recent drive. Credit: MSSS-MALIN

Caught on camera -...


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