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Global Space News

Round About the Earth – Circumnavigation from Magellan to Orbit by Joyce E. Chaplin; Simon & Schuster; New York, New York; $35.00; 2012.

This is a fascinating and pleasurable look at explorers that have accomplished around-the-world travel.

For almost five hundred years, we human beings have been finding ways to circle the Earth – by ground, ocean,...

Launched in March 2009, NASA’s Kepler space telescope soon became the most prolific alien planet hunter ever.

Artist's illustration of Kepler planet hunter. Image Credit/NASA

The search has so far produced just under 3,300 candidate planets, among them representatives of the mission...

What's your view? New NASA website allows detective work from Earth orbit. Credit: NASA

A creative new website is available from NASA that can help improve your own feature-spotting skills and geographical knowledge about our planet – a plus in readying yourself for your own space tourism flight in Earth orbit.

Meanwhile, you can also help the Crew Earth Observations team...

A planet with clouds and surface water orbits a red dwarf star in this artist’s conception of the Gliese 581 star system. New findings from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University show that planets orbiting red dwarf stars are more likely to be habitable than previously believed. Credit: Lynette Cook.

The projected...

Credit: NASA

New grants have been awarded, dedicated to detecting bone loss of astronauts in microgravity, as well as infectious disease risks for crews during long-term space travel.

NASA and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) have...


Orbiter Atlantis, a veteran of 33 NASA shuttle missions, goes on public display in Central Florida on Saturday as the centerpiece of a $100 million Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex exhibit.


More than 40 astronauts, including NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana, will be among those participating in the grand opening of the exhibit entitled Space Shuttle Atlantis.



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