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Global Space News

A Russian Soyuz crew transport with a  two man, one woman crew docked with the International Space Station late Tuesday, following a second consecutive “express flight” to the 15 nation orbiting science lab.

Soyuz rocket lifts off Tuesday with U.S., European and Russian crew from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Photo Credit/NASA TV

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, cosmonaut Fyodor...


This live event has concluded. Watch the "We the Geeks" Hangout below or on YouTube and stay tuned for upcoming Hangouts. You can join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #WeTheGeeks.


This Friday, an asteroid nearly three kilometers wide is going to pass by the Earth-Moon system. The fly-by is harmless — at its closest, the asteroid will be about 15 times farther from us than the Earth is from the Moon — but to mark the event, the White House will host...

Credit: ABA Publishing

The Little Book of Space Law by Matthew J. Kleiman; ABA Book Publishing; Bolingbrook, Illinois; $19.95 (Regular)/$17.95 (American Bar Association Member); 2013.

This is an excellent and very readable treatment regarding space law – the international and national laws that govern human activities in outer space. Plus, you’ll find a surprising gaggle of factoids and...


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