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Plans to robotically capture and corral a small asteroid into a stable lunar orbit so it can be explored byU. S.astronauts as early as 2021 got a chilly reception as the strategy was outlined Tuesday before the House Space Subcommittee, a NASA oversight panel.

The lawmakers and a panel of experts that included a retired NASA exploration expert found more value in lunar activities as a precursor to an eventual Mars mission.


Key components of the stethoscope prototype. Credit: Will Kirk/

Even in outer space…the beat goes on!

The heart beat that is. But how best to monitor its condition on lengthy space treks, say to Mars?

An engineering team of students has designed a new stethoscope for NASA to deliver accurate heart- and body-sounds to medics who are trying to appraise astronauts’ health on long missions...


Dr. Sally Ride, American’s first female astronaut, will be honored posthumously with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House later this year, President Obama announced Monday.

Astronaut Sally Ride aboard shuttle Challenger in 1983. Photo Credit/NASA photo


The announcement coincided with a tribute to Ride on Monday night at the John F. Kennedy...

NASA's lunar monitoring program has detected hundreds of meteoroid impacts. The brightest, detected on March 17, 2013, in Mare Imbrium, is marked by the red square. Credit: Science@NASA

NASA researchers have reported the biggest explosion on the lunar surface in the 8 year history of a Moon-monitoring program.

The object was about the size of a small boulder and...


NASA’s four year Kepler mission to search thousands of stars in the Milky Way galaxy for sun-like stars with planets that resemble the Earth has encountered a serious technical problem.

Artist's illustration of the Kepler planet hunter. Image Credit/NASA

A second of the four rapidly spinning internal “reaction wheels” that...


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