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Global Space News

NASA's Orion capsule, right, a cornerstone in future U. S. deep space exploration plans. Image Credit/NASA Image


NASA and Lockheed Martin, the space agency’s aerospace company partner in the development of the Orion crew vehicle, asked students in kindergarten through high school on Monday to assist them in the development of critical radiation shielding for the four...

Astronomers appear closer to solving a celestial puzzle with the help of multiple space telescopes and some dogged data gathering.

The enigma involves an aging star, Methuselah, dated at 14.5 billion years old, plus or minus 800 million years.

Methuselah, oldest known star. Image Credit/Digitized Sky Survey

At that age,...


Mars, a possible human destination. Image Credit/NASA


Congress is considering some substantial changes in the way NASA is led, managed from the outside and funded, as policy makers attempt to give the nation’s civil space program a sharper focus as well as the stability to ensure the sustained political, public and financial support to advance human exploration and address other pressing issues.


Credit: NASA

The findings and full analysis of a nationwide survey of U.S. citizens that focused on their opinions about the exploration of Mars were released today.

The poll found that 76 percent of Americans agree or strongly agree with the statement: “it is worthwhile to increase NASA’s percentage of the federal budget...

Comets like Halley’s can be a breeding ground for complex molecules such as dipeptides. Comets colliding with Earth could have delivered these molecules and seeded the growth of more complex proteins and sugars necessary for life. Credit: NASA.

Those wispy worlds of ice know as comets may be linked to kick-starting life on Earth.

Experiments by chemists from the University of California, Berkeley, and...


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