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Global Space News

Europa's icy face - an ocean underneath? Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Europa is an icy moon of Jupiter – and may well be an astrobiology target of a future spacecraft mission.

Thanks to NASA’s Galileo mission, that spacecraft showed Europa to be covered with a veneer of ice, a cracked façade that may cover a global ocean over 60...

SpaceX’s Dragon resupply craft reached the International Space Station early Sunday, permitting two NASA astronauts to successfully capture the capsule with the orbiting lab’s Canadian robot arm after some post launch difficulties.

SpaceX Dragon approaches the International Space Station for robot arm capture...

The Pan-STARRS 1 telescope. Credit: Rob Ratkowski for the PS1SC

The first of this year’s two potential bright comets is visible for those who can see low on the western horizon.

Officially called comet 2011 L4 (PANSTARRS), this comet is expected to first become viewable March 8 in the northern hemisphere by looking (with a set of binoculars) towards the...


Artist's view of Mission for America spacecraft as it loops around Mars. Image Credit/Inspiration Mars Foundation


A dozen years ago, wealthy Los Angeles, Calif.,  businessman Dennis Tito leveraged his wealth as a successful investor and   experience as a one time NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist to make his way into space aboard a...

An international effort including Europe, the United States and Japan is focused on protecting the global satellite network from Sun-driven space weather.

Satellites can be damaged by high energy charged particles in the Earth’s radiation belts, and during solar energetic particle (SEP) events.

With the growing reliance on satellite services, new vulnerabilities to space weather and previous events that have led to...


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