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Global Space News

Size of 2012 DA14. Credit: Michael Carroll (used with permission)

That close flyby of Earth by a space rock should provide new data critical to understanding the potential hazards that other asteroids could pose if they collide with the Earth.

Shortly after the destructive Russian fireball event on February 15, asteroid 2012 DA14 passed ultra-close to the Earth.

This encounter never...

The skies have spoken, and their message was one of concern.

Early Friday, while people around the world watched and waited for an asteroid half the size of a football field, 2012 DA14, to skim by the Earth between the orbits of communications and navigational satellites, a smaller undetected asteroid fragment exploded over Russia, generating a shock wave that damaged structures in the city of Chelyabinsk and injured a reported 1,200 people.




QC Bot, a close relative of NASA's Mars Curiosity rover, roams the halls of a hospital, checking vital signs, dispensing medicine, picking up trash. Photo credit/Vecna Technologies

In Gale Crater on Mars, NASA’s Curiosity rover, is examining the rock and soil before it begins a long trek up Mt. Sharp in search of evidence the now cold dry planet was once warm and wet enough to host...

A new PBS NOVA TV special offers a revealing look at Planet Earth thanks to an armada of space-based assets.

Earth from Space has been produced in extensive consultation with NASA scientists, making extensive use of data gleaned by Earth-observing satellites

This unique NOVA production showcases the astonishing beauty and complexity of our dynamic planet.

Taking part in this eye-...

Credit: NASA

The up-coming close flyby of asteroid DA14 is stirring up considerable attention.

On Friday, Feb. 15, the 50-meter-wide asteroid DA14 will pass within 17,000 miles of Earth, closer than a typical communications satellite.

This space rock, if it were to impact our planet rather than nearly...


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