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Global Space News


Sunny Florida skies graced NASA's Day of Remembrance. Photo Credit/NASA TV


Though separated by many miles, President Obama joined with the families of shuttle Columbia’s crew and the many from NASA who  fanned out across the country on Friday to pay tribute to the seven astronauts who perished a decade ago as they descended toward a landing at NASA’s Kennedy...

A 3-D image of an impact crater in the Nilosyrtis area on the Martian surface shows long pipe-like ridges, fossilized evidence of ancient subsurface water flow. Credit: NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter




Patches from NASA's Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia missions. Photo credit/NASA


NASA’s annual Day of Remembrance, scheduled for Friday, Feb. 1,  will pay tribute to astronauts from three U.  S. missions who lost their lives while pursuing the exploration of space.



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