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Global Space News

In this illustration, NASA's Kepler space telescope searches for Earth-like planets circling distant stars. Illustration Credit/NASA


A rare New Year’s Day legislative session in Washington produced a response to the Fiscal Cliff — one that led to House passage late Tuesday of a Senate sponsored measure that delays for two months sharp cuts in defense and non-defense...

Now available from the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) e-book webpage is the seminal book – The Lunar Sourcebook: A User’s Guide to the Moon.

This is a treasure-trove of a volume, including sections on: Return to the Moon; Current Understanding of the Moon: A Base for Planning; Goals for Future Lunar Exploration; Unanswered Questions about the Moon; The Next Steps; and a Permanent...

NASA has issued an impressive volume, just right...

Credit: NASA/Glenn Research Center

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft that explored asteroid Vesta and is now en route to space rock Ceres is being propelled by ion thrust.

Ion engines use electric fields instead of chemical reactions. Ion engines tend to be much less powerful, but they are so efficient, they can...

Credit: NASA and ESA

Here are two celestial stocking stuffers for the mind and for those still shopping – just in time for the holidays and new year!

NASA has issued two new e-books, one on the Hubble Space Telescope, the other on the still-to-be-launched, next-generation space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope.

The books are written on a high-school level and can be viewed using iPads with...


A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying U. S., Canadian and Russian astronauts successfully docked with the International Space Station early Wednesday, restoring the orbiting lab to six person crew operations for the first time since  mid-November.

Canadian Chris Hadfield, Russian Roman Romanenko and American Tom Marshburn, pictured left to right, pose in Kazakhstan prior to their Soyuz lift off. Photo...


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