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Global Space News

 ESA / D. Ducros

Back in January 2005, the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe parachuted onto Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Thanks to a detailed analysis over seven years later, researchers have pulled together what happened to the probe at touchdown. The analysis is providing clues as to the very nature of the Titan’s surface.

The bottom line: The lander did not “splat” down – rather, it bounced, slid and...


NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, foreground, and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide nab SpaceX Dragon with space station's robot arm. Photo Credit/NASA


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station hauled SpaceX’s Dragon re-supply craft aboard early Wednesday, successfully ending the outbound leg of the Hawthorne, Calif., based company’s first contracted re-supply mission to the orbiting...



SpaceX Dragon begins two-day trek to the International Space Station. Photo Credit/NASA TV

SpaceX’s Falcon 9/Dragon spacecraft lifted off late Sunday on the first of a dozen scheduled commercial re-supply missions to the International Space Station, restoring a U. S. capability lacking since the 2011 retirement of NASA’s space...


Artist's illustration of NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, one of the agency’s original Great Observatories and a sibling of the Hubble Space Telescope, enabled astronomers this week to announce a dramatic refinement in the expansion rate of the universe.

The new studies improved the accuracy of the expansion rate by three times, findings that will...


Live Sun Image

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