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SpaceX's Dragon Spacecraft Re-Enters Successfully : 12/08/2010

Cape Canaveral, Fla. (Dec. 8, 2010) - Today, SpaceX became the first commercial company in history to re-enter a spacecraft from low-Earth orbit.

SpaceX launched its Dragon spacecraft into low-Earth orbit atop a Falcon 9 rocket at 10:43 a.m. EST from Launch Complex 40 at the Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral.

The Dragon spacecraft orbited the Earth at speeds greater than 17,000 miles per hour, reentered the Earth's atmosphere, and landed in the Pacific Ocean shortly after 2:00 p.m. EST.


Cisco's Space Router to Transform Satellite Communications: Company Debuts First VoIP Call From Space : 12/07/2010

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Dec. 7, 2010) - Cisco today announced the results of the latest Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) testing, marking the first-ever software upgrade of an Internet Protocol (IP) router aboard a commercial satellite while in orbit. In addition, Cisco completed the industry's first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call made without the use of any terrestrial infrastructure to route the call.

This achievement represents a radical departure from current communications satellite technology,...

SpaceX to Webcast Static Fire on Friday : 12/03/2010

Cape Canaveral, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2010) - On Friday, Dec. 3, SpaceX will webcast its static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket engines at
The webcast will begin at 11:00 a.m. ET/9:00 a.m. PT, with the actual static fire targeted for noon ET/10:00 a.m. PT.
This first stage firing is part of a full launch dress rehearsal at the Space Launch Complex 40 at the U.S. Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral in preparation for the first Commercial Orbital...

Aerojet Propulsion Raises Japan's First Quasi-Zenith Satellite MICHIBIKI : 12/02/2010

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Dec. 2, 2010) - Aerojet, a GenCorp (NYSE: GY) company, congratulates Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on the successful launch of the Michibiki satellite aboard the H-2A launch vehicle out of the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

Michibiki, which means "guiding light" or "showing the way," is the first satellite of a system called Quasi-Zenith. Quasi-Zenith will provide services similar to the U.S. Global Positioning System but will be...

Aerojet's High-Power Hall System Providing Orbit-Raising Propulsion for Air Force's Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite : 11/22/2010

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Nov. 22, 2010) - Aerojet, a GenCorp (NYSE: GY) company, announced today that its high-power Hall Thruster Propulsion System (HTPS) has successfully initiated operation on the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Space Vehicle #1 (SV#1) that was launched on an Atlas V rocket on Aug.14. The system is now providing thrust to raise the orbit of SV#1 to its final geosynchronous orbit location.

Aerojet's 4.5kW HTPS was developed to dramatically increase the payload capacity of both...

ISU Students Selected for a Second Balloon Flight to Track Airplanes from the Stratosphere : 11/22/2010

Strasbourg, France (Nov. 22, 2010) - An experiment to track airplanes from the stratosphere designed, built and tested by a team of three students at the International Space University (ISU) has been selected for a second balloon flight from the Esrange Space Center in the Swedish Arctic, following a successful launch earlier this year.

The International Space University - Balloon Air Traffic Control Experiment (I-BATE) is intended to provide proof of concept for space-based air traffic control by flying a...

ISU Students Win Barcelona Aerobatics Zero-Gravity Challenge : 11/18/2010

Strasbourg, France (Nov. 18, 2010) - Five students from the International Space University (ISU), Coordinator Alexandra Kindrat (Canada), Heather Allaway (Canada), Jagruti Pankhania (UK), Alexander Melynshyn (Canada) and Jonathan Muller (France), winners of the 1st edition of Barcelona Aerobatics Zero-Gravity Challenge, flew their experiment on October 31st from the Sabadell Airport near Barcelona, Spain.

The Barcelona Aerobatics Zero-Gravity Challenge was organized by the Aeronautics and Space Research...

Unprecedented New Technology Reads & Reacts To Brainwaves Through The Extremities Of The Body : 11/17/2010

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Nov. 17, 2010) - Imagine a small armband sensor that allows the user to be able to control a computer by mind alone; or determine if he/she is being inattentive or distracted while driving; or know exactly when to swing a golf club for optimum performance and results. A new wearable technology called Body Wave from Freer Logic that does just that is now available for applications in many different
situations and industries.

BodyWave reads brain activity...

Stevens and the International Space University Expand International Partnership : 11/17/2010

Hoboken, N.J. (Nov. 17, 2010) - To respond to the demand for an in-depth technical degree offering with a global perspective, Stevens Institute of Technology and the International Space University (ISU) have joined forces to offer a Graduate Certificate in Space Systems Engineering that can lead to either a Master's Degree in Space Systems Engineering or a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering.

"This program will allow experienced professionals to combine a robust technical education in space systems...

Graz University of Technology Grants ECTS Credits to ISU's 2011 Space Studies Program Participants : 11/16/2010

Strasbourg, France (Nov. 16, 2010) - Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) will host the 24th Space Studies Program (SSP) of the International Space University (ISU) to be held on its campus in Graz, Austria, from 11 July - 09 September 2011.

The areas of strength of Graz University of Technology are combined in five interdisciplinary fields of expertise. These key fields make up the scientific fingerprint of the university at the heart of Europe on its journey to the international pinnacle.



Space Foundation partners, sponsors and exhibitors are leaders in the space industry. Following are announcements from many of these organizations, posted for information purposes.  No endorsement of the products, services, events or companies mentioned is expressed or implied.

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