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Fascinating Images from the Internet

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Fascinating Images from the Internet The Internet offers great opportunities to learn about space. See these sites:

  • Watch a Space Foundation interview on space technology to learn more about how space benefits you every day! (The video plays on the home page)
  • Kepler finds a real-life Tatooine; click here.
  • What's the Sun up to? Click here.
  • Travel around the Earth on the ISS, click here.
  • See NASA's Image of the Day here.
  • Read about the landing of a dead NASA satellite here.

Pictured:  Image from the Herschel Infrared Space Observatory, which overturned the assumption that galaxies need to collide to drive vigorous star birth. Herschel is a European Space Agency (ESA) mission, with science instruments provided by European institutes and participation by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Image: ESA-AOES Medialab. 

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