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  • See new images of Saturn's moon, Enceladus and the watery jets erupting from what may be a vast underground sea (above). These jets, which spew through cracks in the moon's icy shell, could lead back to a habitable zone that is uniquely accessible in all the solar system, according to Dr. Carolyn Porco, an award-winning planetary scientist and leader of the Imaging Science team for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Dr. Porco is speaking at the 28th National Space Symposium on the "Mega Minds" panel.
  • See the NASA "Image of the Day," here
  • also features an "Image of the Day," here
  • See a colorful  twin nebulas photo, courtesy of
  • And, we just can't get enough aurora borealis. Neither can the International Space Station. Click here for a spectacular video that you really shouldn't miss!


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