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Space has had a Big Impact on Many Lives

Friends Tell Us About How Space Affected Them

Space has had a Big Impact on Many Lives For the past two months, Space Watch has published quotes on how space has affected real people's lives. Here are a some additional comments:

  • "(I have used) used my creative talents to work within the aerospace industry communicating... the need... for space exploration to local, national and global arenas."


  • "It opens up possibilities of more life out there than we expected."


  • "I grew up during the Space Race. Experiencing this awesome time in U.S. history motivated me to become a science teacher so I could share my love of space, rockets and science with children. Ultimately, my aerospace teaching career with model rockets has awarded me with national aerospace education awards."


  • "I idolized astronauts as a kid; the very idea of space travel was awesome to me."


  • "Since I was a child, I've been fascinated about space... today I'm a better user of this planet!"


  • "It has inspired me to become an excited life-long learner. Seeing how our space program problem-solves is amazing. I have passed that enthusiasm onto my own children (all involved in science) and to my students."


  • "It constantly gives me something to dream about, to hope for."


  • "It gave me a life goal: enable humanity to become a space-faring civilization."


  • "It has inspired me to learn more about space so that I can teach more to my students. It has also inspired me to look for ways that I can be a part of a larger space organization (NASA, Space Foundation, Challenger Center...)."


  • "As a life-long hearing-impaired person who depends on a hearing aid for my link to the hearing world, I went from... a metal box in my pocket with glass hearing piece to... an all plastic digital aid that hides in the ear. I went from an aid that amplified EVERYTHING to today an aid that is selective in what I hear. And as a middle school science teacher (40 years and still teaching), believe me that is a BLESSING!! I have come from watching Sputnik going over my house to watching us launching to the Moon, Mars and beyond. I am very, very appreciative of the space program. In fact, I love it!!!"


  • "It inspired me, my brother and one of my children to become engineers."

To read the quotes in the November 2011, click here. For December, click here.

Space has inspired a many to work in the industry. Pictured: United Space Alliance employees at the 27th National Space Symposium.


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