Related Reports and Documents

The issues within the U.S. national civil space enterprise are often complex, long-standing and deeply entrenched. Numerous reports and other documents have been written in an attempt to identify and address such issues. The following links provide additional analysis of NASA's current situation as described in PIONEERING: Sustaining U.S. Leadership in Space.

NASA's Top Management and Performance Challenges November 2012

NASA OIG logoNovember 2012 - NASA's Office of Inspector General identified five overarching issues as top management and performance challenges for NASA leadership: Future of U.S. Human Space Flight, Project Management, Infrastructure and Facilities Management, Acquisition and Contract Management and Information Technology Security and Governance. The first four of these are discussed within the Space Foundation's report, and all of them could be addressed by adopting the recommendations in PIONEERING.

Earned Value Management Implementation Across Major Spaceflight Projects is Uneven

GAO logoNovember 2012 - The Government Accountability Office (GAO) explored NASA’s use of Earned Value Management (EVM) tools to assess the status of projects and enable better and more efficient management of project costs and schedules. The GAO noted that EVM has not been evenly implemented and cites culture as a major impediment to implementing this system, referring to issues discussed in Chapter 3 of PIONEERING. The GAO commented that, in order for NASA to “see real change and, in effect, a cultural shift at NASA, top leadership must provide to employees a succinct and compelling reason” to fully adopt EVM. Other recommendations are in line with the eighth and ninth tactical recommendations of PIONEERING.