Certified Partners


Rise Above the Competition

Certification will tie your business to the power and excitement of space exploration and show your customers how space technology improves their lives right here on Earth. The Space Foundation is committed to promoting the practical benefits of space exploration. If your product or service meets this criteria, why not apply today?

Application is your first step toward official certification and takes just minutes to complete. The Space Foundation will review your application for a genuine space connection. Upon approval, we will license you to use the certification seal in your sales and marketing efforts.

Join the Space Certification Program and start enjoying the benefits of making extraordinary products emerging from space technology an essential part of life for everyone on Earth.

Partners who make a 10 year commitment to participate in the Space Certification Program receive special recognition as Space Foundation Certified Corporate Members.

Our Certified Companies comprise the foundation of the Space Certification Program. These companies receive special recognition for successfully bringing the myriad benefits of space technology into our everyday lives on Earth.