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Drive SunShine Institute

Drive SunShine Institute

The Drive SunShine Institute (DSI) is a division of The Renewable Energy Initiative.

The Renewable Energy Initiative (TREI) is a national educational non-profit organization that works to strengthen the American economy, create jobs, and build a healthy environment by increasing renewable energy production, use, and investment.

With your help, the Drive SunShine Institute will cut emissions from the Transportation and Electricity sectors in half by 2022.

Drive SunShine is earth’s best hope to stop climate change.

Being active with DSI creates the following benefits:

  • Reduce violent storms
  • Slow rising sea levels, arctic melt
  • Halt ocean acidification
  • Keep drinking water clean
  • Breathe clean air

Together we can build a thriving economy and a healthy environment

By replacing expensive foreign oil with electric vehicles and American jobs, the Drive SunShine Institute will add 2% or more to the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Every year more than half of the US trade deficit is created by purchasing foreign oil. (Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Brent Crude Oil Average Price Per Barrel for 2011)

Each year America wastes $400 billion purchasing expensive foreign oil.

Did you know four wind farms can power 600,000 Chevy Volts or Nissan Leafs driving 100 miles per day?

To drive an electric car is to love one- be it a Chevy Volt or a Tesla Model S.

Each Drive SunShine test drive experience means new cars will soon be on the road powered by clean renewable energy.

We are scaling up to do 100 corporate test drive events per month. We’re expanding from Colorado to provide test drives in California, New York, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington, Arizona and across America.

With your partnership, soon 100,000 Americans each year will have the thrill of driving electricity at a cost of $1 per gallon equivalent (EPA- Clean Cities).

The Mission:

The Mission of the Drive SunShine Institute (DSI) is to speed the adoption of fast electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

Together we can create a thriving economy and a healthy environment.


“The Drive SunShine vision is to replace foreign oil burnt for Transportation with emission free electric vehicles and American jobs.  At the same time, we’ll slash Electricity emissions with cheap, clean, reliable renewable energy - think solar and wind vs burning coal.” Ken Beitel – DSI Advisory Board Chair


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