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FireWatch America, LLC

FireWatch America, LLC

Each year vital ecosystems, infrastructure and lives are lost as an average of more than 74 million acres of forest is destroyed by wildfires worldwide.

Today space technology provides a solution. Technology developed by Germany’s Aerospace Centre (DLR) to analyze comet gas and particle emissions has been optimized to create a terrestrial detection tool known as “FireWatch.”

A successful partnership between DLR and the private firm IQ Wireless has created a product that now monitors more than 7 million acres worldwide from Europe and Australia to Mexico.

 DLR has further developed and optimized the software and optical sensors while IQ Wireless provides  system components and set up, and service.

The FireWatch system consists of a computer based configuration of high-resolution optical sensors and a remote central office to provide a detection rate of over 90%.

Installed on towers or masts, individual FireWatch cameras can monitor hundreds of square miles of forest in high resolution. Able to distinguish between more than 16,000 scales of grey, the system ensures early fire detection in virtually any weather day or night.

FireWatch image processing software analyzes the motion, structure, and brightness of smoke plumes and automatically alerts monitoring personnel within 6 minutes during daylight and within 12 minutes during the night. Monitoring personnel receive target images and coordinates to determine and alert the appropriate response resources.

Today FireWatch is the most widely used system in the world for the early detection of forest fires.  Space technology protecting lives, property and the environment on Earth!

FireWatch was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2012 and represents the first truly non-US technology to be inducted.

The original European based IQ Wireless GmbH and U.S. based FireWatch America, LLC are now active partners in our programs.

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