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Sigma Space Corporation

Sigma Space Corporation

Sigma Space is an ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of professional support services. Our expert scientists and engineers are team players, collaborating with clients to meet their goals quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We have the expertise to work with clients at any stage in the science or engineering life cycle to make each project a success.

Commercial Division

Sigma Space sells sophisticated lidar and electronics products, supplying scientific, defense, and federal and local government markets. Our products are developed internally and can be customized to meet client needs. Among our most popular instruments is our efficient Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) laser remote sensing system, which provides continuous, unattended monitoring of atmospheric cloud and aerosol profiles.

Aerospace Instruments Division

Aerospace hardware personnel develop custom instrumentation for aerospace and terrestrial applications. They have expertise in designing, analyzing, fabricating, assembling, and testing aerospace instrument systems. Sigma Space has proven success on multiple programs, including the patented Single Photon Lidar, or HRQLS (High Resolution Quantum Lidar System), which generates foliage-penetrating, 3-D aerial maps of terrain and infrastructure—at industry-leading speeds.

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Certified Companies
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United States

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