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Autonomous Modular Power System (AMPS)

Deeya Energy is dedicated to developing and manufacturing Electrical Energy Storage Systems based on its proprietary technology called L-Cell.

The systems are based on a novel battery technology originally developed by NASA in the early 70's as a potential energy storage method for long term space flights. The basic approach involves mixing reactive chemicals to provide higher charge efficiency than normal rechargeable batteries.

Today Deeya's L-Cell technology allows a new level of cost and performance metrics to be reached in the energy industry. L-Cells are suitable and economical replacements for Lead-Acid batteries and diesel generators requiring 2-50kVA of power and 4-24 hours of backup.

The life time of a Deeya L-Cell is 7 years, after which it can be refurbished with minimal cost to run for another 7 years, ad infinitum. The L-Cells require minimal or no maintenance during this period. They are temperature independent and can be placed in an outside environment. Most importantly, they can be charged very fast. A 4-hour back-up system can be re-charged in about 2 hours.

The system truly represents a Clean Energy Technology, with no poisonous or expensive metals or fume release. Deeya L-Cells are effectively 3 times cheaper than Lead-Acid batteries, and 10-20 times cheaper than NiMH, Li-Ion and Fuel Cell options.

Deeya is headquartered in Fremont, California and has offices in Gurgaon, India

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