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Epfora Skin Care Products

Aribio’s new line of skin care products, marketed under the Epfora brand has been authorized to carry the Certified Space Technology™ seal.

Using the Space Technology Hall of Fame® inducted technology -- Rotating Wall Bio-Reactor and modified Intrifuge CellXpansion – Aribio produce and harvests proprietary biomolecules and blends them with other cosmetic ingredients to produce Epfora skin care products.

In 2011, the Space Foundation designated Intrifuge CellXpansion technology as a Certified Space Technology, following the product’s induction into the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame® early 2012.

Intrifuge CellXpansion

For decades, medical researchers have taken advantage of microgravity to develop or grow three-dimensional materials that cannot be made on Earth where gravity causes them to flatten. In the 1980s, NASA researchers developed a device called the “rotating wall bioreactor” that grows human cells in simulated weightlessness. In 2002, Regenetech, Inc., modified the bioreactor to produce its own Intrifuge System™ so it could produce expanded cell tissues for research.

Regenetech, through a special NASA agreement, affordably provides the technology to researchers pursuing rare disease treatments. Regenetech uses its Intrifuge System™ and intellectual property known as CellXpansion™ to develop therapies and conduct further for a wide variety of conditions, including cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, skin ailments and orthopedic applications. The same technology is used for the Epfora skin care line.

About Aribio Inc.

Aribio is established in 2010 and has headquarters in Seoul, Korea. The company’s vision is being development engines for new drugs and alternative approaches to help patients with unmet medical needs and its business areas are new drug development, stem cells for regenerative medicine, cosmetics, functional dietary ingredients and natural mineral water.

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Space Technology

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Salt Cases, LLC
Fisher Space Pen Co.
Advance Flexible Materials/Heatsheet
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