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Internet Controlled Intelligent Ovens

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"TMIO proudly offers revolutionary, new Intelligent Oven technology that allows consumers to cook at home from anywhere in the world. These refrigerated cooking units are retrofitted with a Peltier cooling device and a `smart` chip to allow the oven to be accessed in real-time by cellular phone and over the internet so that dinners are ready-to-eat as soon as the family arrives home.

The Tonight's Menu oven is a tremendously practical application for the home because everyone eats, it saves hours of time each day, and it saves the consumer money. Dinners are placed in the refrigerated appliance before going to work in the morning, and are done by the time of arrival at home. If plans change, the appliance can be accessed either by dial up or connection over the internet in order to delay cook time, increase the hold time, change the cooking temperature, or simply cancel the cooking order altogether and the food remains held at 40 degrees Farenheit.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) technology we use, "Embedded Web," utilizes the Internet for CONTROLLING appliances, not just using the internet to retrieve information. For NASA, it allows them to operate their experiments without the need of a built-in computer in every instrument. The same is true when applied to the white goods industry. The oven, the air conditioner, or any other appliance to which the TMIO technology can be applied, does not need to have a computer built inside, allowing Internet appliances to be affordable to the average consumer. 

TMIO technology patented in the United States and abroad, is ultimately designed for conventional ovens so that "real food" can be cooked without having to be at home. TMIO manufactures the Connect Io Intelligent Ovens in Chattanooga, TN. "Dinner Is Ready When You Are"."

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Space Technology

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