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Leaf Lock / Snap Lock Gutter System

High Performance, Next Generation drainage control and rainware products. Specifically Aricraft Grade Aluminum support system and hydrophilic UV resistant, corrosion resistant coatings for gutter support and protection. Our unique gutter hanging system made from aircraft grade aluminum and is the only product in the world that does not require holes to be placed in the gutter to affix it to the structure. Holes are the #1 cause of gutter failure. Our Leaf Lock gutter protection provides benefits such as consumers never having to clean rain gutters again, gutters never clog, homeowners can avoid dangerous ladders or pay the high cost of gutter cleaning. Falls from ladders is the #1 most common serious household injury. Failing or leaking gutters produces water damage to structures including rot, mold, leaking basements, etc. Water damage on structures cost property owners and insurance companies billions each year. Our product utilizes a unqiue, advanced engineered technology that combines aerospace technologies with building materials on earth. Our products offer a performance lifecycle more than five times that of competitor products in the industry. This is directly due to the types of materials and technology we built into our products.  Just like the leading edges of super sonic aircraft or spacecraft wings and surfaces, our rain gutter protection sheds away water and resists deterioration over long exposures to atmospheric conditions and UV light. The hydrophilic properties in our Leaf Lock system can handle over 20 inches of rain water per hour. Please visit our website and view our Leaf Lock video at:  

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Space Technology

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Salt Cases, LLC
Fisher Space Pen Co.
Advanced Flexible Materials, LLC--a Missouri limited liability company
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