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Optotraffic DLS-10 Automated Red Light & Speed Enforcer

"The Optotraffic DLS-10 Automated Red Light and Speed Enforcer is a lidar-based system that measures the speed of automotive vehicles and subsequently photographs those vehicles if they are found to violate a red traffic light at an intersection or exceed a posted speed by a certain threshold. The images and lidar-based speed readings are then used to generate traffic citations.

Optotraffic is an internal subsidiary of Sigma Space Corporation, a company that has developed many lidar systems for direct delivery to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, including Micropulse Lidar, Cloud Physics Lidar, TwiLITE, and components of the Geoscience Laser Altimeter instrument on the currently-orbiting IceSAT. The lidar system developed for the Optotraffic product has been based on our experience with delivering aircraft and space-based lidar systems to NASA.

Sigma Space Corporation is one of the fastest growing providers of optoelectronic aerospace instrumentation for NASA, DOD, and commercial customers. It produces pioneering instrumentation in lidar, laser ranging, attitude determination, spectroscopy, and radiometry for remote sensing and defense applications. It also supplies optical and electronic subsystems, as well as design services to its government customers. Sigma received the NASA GSFC Contractor of the Year award for Products in 2007."

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Space Technology

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