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Panoptic Anterior Segment and Retinal Camera Attachment

The Provizion Anterior Segment and Retinal Camera Attachment snaps onto a Welch Allyn PanOptic ophthalmoscope to allow for portable ophthalmic photography and telemedicine.  It is encased in a plastic housing that easily snaps over the top of your existing Welch Allyn Pan Optic Ophthalmoscope.  There are no screws, adjustments, or permanent alterations necessary!  The camera itself fits snugly against the practitioner’s brow rest inside of its housing.  When you are through using the attachment, simply grasp the fin at the top of the attachment and pull it back off.  The camera attaches to your laptop or stationary computer via a USB cable.  Using the camera software, the view on the computer screen will be the same as what the practitioner sees when using the Ophthalmoscope traditionally.  Photos are taken with a snapshot button directly on the camera itself- no need to click a mouse button.  Photos or live video can be viewed real-time from remote locations.  Camera and video settings, including megapixel size, time and date stamping, and focusing are all adjustable using the software as well.  The product has potential use in clinics, satellite locations, diabetic screening sites, mission trips, remote locations without specialists, emergency services, Red Cross or first responders, veterinary services, and for military use, especially on navy ships or at global bases. With the rising costs of healthcare, this tool allows an inexpensive method for more patients to be screened without the need for a specialist on-site, therefore maintaining quality of care while decreasing overhead.  

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Space Technology

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Little Mary Sunshine LLC
Fisher Space Pen Co.
Space Boy and His Dog
Sputnik's Child, a novel by Fred Ledley
Astronaut Ice Cream and Foods
Salt Cases, LLC
Advance Flexible Materials/Heatsheet
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