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Superior Plant Growth Media

"Space Age Agriculture The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), supported by research of ZeoponiX, Inc. has developed superior plant growth media for long-term space travel. ZeoponiX holds exclusive rights to this patented zeoponic technology and is bringing its benefits down to earth for use in turf, horticulture, consumer uses, and specialty agricultural applications.

Zeoponic Technology Zeoponic plant growth media combines a nitrogen and potassium loaded natural mineral called "zeolite" with other slowly dissolving ingredients containing phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. Nitrogen and potassium is delivered by ion exchange through a unique plant demand driven interactive chemistry. ZeoPro will not burn plants since it is not a typical soluble salt fertilizer and high soil temperatures do not cause surge releases like most coated or time release fertilizers.

Benefits to Turf ZeoPro accelerates grow-in and stimulates vigorous roots; unique patented nutrient delivery system achieves high nutrient use efficiency dramatically reducing nutrient losses to groundwater making ZeoPro friendly to the environment.

Potting Mixes ZeoPro works well blended into other commercial and consumer potting mixes such as peat, perlite or your favorite mix at 10 to 30% (vol). ZeoPro provides a lasting reservoir of nutrients allowing the user to reduce added fertilization while achieving better plant and vegetable performance.

Sports Turf ZeoPro is a proven combination fertilizer and soil amendment for us in golf, playing fields, and other sports turf uses. It is used in both construction and renovations of greens, tees, and playing fields. It is used in routine maintenance during coring-aerification, hydro-injection, overseeding and top dressing. ZeoPro is excellent for use with innovative reinforced and portable turf systems for indoor fields and grass parking lots.

Nursery & Other Uses ZeoPro can be used in nursery blends for tress, shrubs and perennials as a growth medium or blending component, and for transplanting nursery stock. It makes an excellent blending component in hydroponic mediums to reduce nutrient losses and enhance plant growth and productivity."

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Space Technology

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Salt Cases, LLC
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