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Trizar™ Technology

NASA developed Protective Ceramic Coating Material (PCCM) to protect spacecraft from scorching temperatures during reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. These coatings work by having a “high emissivity.” Emissivity is defined as the ratio of the energy radiated from a material’s surface to that radiated from a perfect emitter (known as a blackbody) at the same temperature…

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Transcript: Space4U podcast, Brad Poorman & Jim Hind

Space4U Podcast: Brad Poorman and Jim Hind — Clean Textile Technology

In this episode: We meet Brad Poorman, CEO and owner, and Jim Hind, COO and owner of Clean Textile Technology. Clean Textile Technology applies NASA-developed technologies to smart outdoor apparel using the science of emissivity to retain heat. The company has applied this technology to clothing, outdoor gear, bedding, and footwear, and their products are…

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Emisshield, Inc.

Emisshield, Inc. located in Blacksburg, VA was found in 1999. As a privately held company, Emisshield® holds several patents related to their unique product lines. Emisshield® is a thin coating, ceramic nanoparticle material with high emissivity and heat re-radiation capabilities. The core technology of Emisshield® was originally developed by NASA to be used as the heat shield…

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Emisshield, Inc., is Certified Space Technology™

Emisshield, Inc., is Space Foundation Certified Space Technology™ Partner

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