Sponsor Profile: Fisher Space Pen Co.


Fisher Space Pen Co. is once again co-sponsoring prizes for the Space Foundation's annual International Student Art Contest. The 36 winning entries for 2013 will be displayed at the 29th National Space Symposium at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., April 8-11. The winners will have the opportunity to meet NASA astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao and get autographed photos.

Last fall, the Space Foundation invited students from around the world in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade to submit original artwork depicting the theme, If I Were Going... The Space Foundation received more than 4,700 entries representing 45 countries, including 38 U.S. states and territories -- the largest response yet since the contest began three years ago.

Winning artwork submitted for this year's contest can be seen on the Space Foundation website photo gallery here, and at www.artsonia.com/museum in the If I Were Going... Space Foundation art gallery. See more about the art contest here.

In 1949, Paul Fisher vowed to develop and manufacture the world's most dependable writing instruments. His small pocket pen, the Fisher® Bullet was an immediate success and continues to be the company's biggest seller. John F. Kennedy's challenge in 1961 to land an American on the moon lead Fisher to the realization that no reliable writing instrument existed that could withstand the environment of space. Countless experiments resulted in the invention of the sealed-pressurized Fisher Space Pen®. In 1967, Fisher supplied NASA with samples and, after 18 months of testing, NASA selected Fisher's "Anti Gravity" pen for use on the first manned flight in the Apollo program. It is still used today on manned space flights by American astronauts.

Every Fisher Space Pen is unconditionally guaranteed to function in extreme temperatures, underwater, over greasy surfaces, in zero gravity, and at any angle - even upside down! A Fisher Space Pen is the choice of ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, outdoor enthusiasts, EMT personnel and countless others who demand writing reliability in adverse conditions.

Today, the Fisher family continues Paul Fisher's legacy in seeking new innovations and improvements in every 'Made in the USA' Fisher Space Pen product to continue to meet and exceed the demands of all who need dependability in writing instruments.

Learn more about Fisher Space Pen Co. Boulder City Nevada by visiting www.spacepen.com.