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Orbital Systems AB

What began as an academic joint project between Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, ORBITAL SYSTEMS’ CEO and Founder, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston has since evolved into a young and growing company. The project was led by the Habitation and Exploration Missions and Systems Office at NASA/JSC, together with the School of Industrial Design at Lund University in Sweden, and was focused on bringing forward design concepts relevant for Mars missions.

With support from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding from Johnson Space Center, Argonide Corporation tested and developed its proprietary nanofiber filter media. Capable of removing more than 99.99 percent of dangerous particles, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, the media was incorporated into the company’s commercial NanoCeram water filter and inducted into the 2005 Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Built on a unique approach to recycling water in domestic applications, ORBITAL SYSTEMS strives to set a new higher standard for domestic water consumption.

After being featured on CNN in the BluePrint series, late 2013, the enterprise has been nominated for the SUSTAINIA 100 as one of the 5 most trendsetting water efficiency innovations in the world. Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has been awarded the prize for the Business Rookie of the Year, the Green Mentorship Award (where he received Niklas Zennström, the founder of Skype, as a mentor for a year) as well as the most prestigious innovation award in Sweden: SKAPA UTVECKLINGSSTIPENDIUM.


We are facing a very interesting future as our technology is breaking grounds and changing the way we humans relate to domestic water consumption. We aim to replace the inefficient and costly structures of today, with a cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable solution. Domestic water consumption, whether it’s drinkable water to secure living conditions or heated water for hygienic purposes, is a key factor for our future well-being.

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