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Salt Cases, LLC

Using NASA “space blanket” technology, Salt Cases developed “Salt Bloc,” a thermally protective shield for handheld and portable electronic devices. Salt Bloc is made of metalized polyethylene terephthalate (MPET), and adheres to the back of an electronic device with silicone, glue, static or is sewn into a case.

When a phone or tablet is exposed to high (over 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and low temperatures (under 32 degrees Fahrenheit), or is used in direct sunlight, the handheld devices will malfunction and become unusable until the temperature can be regulated. The devices battery life can also be prematurely or permanently shortened. Aside from Salt Bloc technology, the only other solution is to avoid these environmental conditions.

In field testing, an iPhone was used in a car on a hot day. After 10 minutes, the recorded temperature of the device was 126 degrees Fahrenheit, putting it at risk for permanent damage. When the Salt Bloc shield was applied to the back of the phone, the thermal radiation was deflected, and the phone’s temperature was regulated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, minimizing the risk of damage to the phone.

Salt Cases is based in Maine, known for its many popular ski resorts and extreme winters. Understanding conduction is a known issue in space blanket technology, Salt Cases applied the Salt Bloc shield in combination with an insulative material to its cold weather cases to deflect heat produced by the device back to itself, maintaining a safe temperature.