Corporate Membership

Taylor Devices, Inc.


Incorporated in 1955, Taylor Devices, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Shock Absorbers, Liquid Springs, Shock Isolation Systems, Seismic Isolators, Vibration Dampers, Powerplant Snubbers, and other types of Hydro-Mechanical Energy Management Products.  Our products form the cutting edge of technology in our marketplace, and are backed by our 50+ years of successful experience in the shock and vibration control field.  Our products offer a turn-key solution to shock and vibration problems, with Taylor Devices providing full analysis, development, manufacturing and testing capabilities to satisfy the most exacting customer requirements.


Taylor Devices’ facilities are sited at two locations in the city of North Tonawanda, New York:

  1. Tonawanda Island Facilities – Located at 90 Taylor Drive, includes corporate and engineering operations, product assembly and testing facilities, research and development, bonded storage and repair activities, and a portion of the Company’s production machining operations.
  2. Buffalo Bolt Way Facilities – Located at One Buffalo Bolt Way, this site opened in 2012 and currently includes three buildings totaling 50,000 square feet in area on eight acres of land.  The Buffalo Bolt Way buildings include production machining, finishing, and packaging operations.


As a defense contractor, Taylor Devices actively participates in funded Government directed research, in addition to the Company’s internal R&D program.  Research projects are structured within three areas:  basic research, applied research, and product development.  The scope of the Company’s research activity includes passive and active structural control, natural and man-made environmental effects, fluid chemistry, interdisciplinary interfaces, seal development, structural dynamics, and vehicle control and handling. Corporate policy dictates that virtually all basic and most applied research is conducted internally by full-time R&D Company employees.  This assures maximum width and breadth of emergent R&D activities with a minimum of corporate limitations imposed on research personnel.


Taylor Devices’ is constantly refining and improving its Shock Isolator designs and is tremendously proud of the performance of the Company’s products in both military and commercial service.  Projects are now underway to adapting active control-structure interfaces into the firm’s isolation systems.  These will allow the integration of electrically powered active controls into shock and vibration control products of this new century, when control by artificial intelligence or neural solution techniques are expected.