Birthday Parties

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Birthday Parties

The Space Foundation welcomes families to enjoy birthday parties at the Space Foundation Discovery Center.  Birthday Party packages are available for Saturdays - ideal for children ages 4-12.

The cost for a Birthday Party package (90-120 minutes) is $185 for 12 children and 2 adults, which includes:

  • Science On a Sphere® presentation
  • "Happy Birthday" displayed in the Education Activity Center
  • Paper and plastic products (napkins, plates, spoons, cups, plastic table covers in limited colors)
  • Customers may bring cake and drinks to serve in the Education Activity Center
  • Additional children (up to a maximum of 20) $10 per child
  • Adult supervision required, additional adults $5 each
  • Mars Robotics Laboratory or Minecraft™ available to add to the party package for an additional fee of $5 each

Start Your Party Now!

To start planning your birthday party, call Lisa Bell at 719.576.8000 or email [email protected]