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CSExtra – Friday, May 24, 2013

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Friday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. NOAA scrambles to replace a suddenly inactive U. S. weather satellite as forecasters warn of an active hurricane season. NASA joins with Bigelow Aerospace to find public/private synergies for human space exploration. Draft of U. S. satellite export control reforms released. While in California, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visits with engineers involved in solar electric propulsion and Dream Chaser development. United Space Alliance rebounds from a Delta IV launch scrub. Ecuador satellite is sideswiped by Russian rocket debris. Florida brings $20 million to commercial space enhancements.  A Nobel Peace Prize for the International Space Station?  Students advance pilot training under a NASA education program. From undergarments to space suits: Hollywood shows interest in the ILC story. The Hubble Space Telescope brings the Ring Nebula into focus.


1. From NOAA moves quickly to replace the U. S. GOES 13 weather satellite, which failed on Tuesday. GOES 14 took over early Thursday. GOES 13′s prognosis for resuming service is unclear as Hurricane season nears.

A. From The New York Times: NOAA predicts an active hurricane season, with six major storms, or twice the average. Thirteen to 20 named Atlantic storms are possible.

B. From The Orlando Sentinel: A House panel expresses concerns over a declining number of U. S. weather satellites.  Only 30 of the 110 spacecraft in orbit just two years ago could be active in 2020, according to a report from the U. S. General Accountability Office, the watchdog arm of Congress.,0,7627542.story

C.  From Space News: A bill in the U. S. House would ease NOAA’s focus on climate research to make forecasting the priority.

2. From Florida Today: A NASA alliance with Las Vegas-based Bigelow Aerospace begins to find public-private synergies to advance the human exploration of space.

3. From The White House has released a draft of rules easing U.S. satellite export controls, the Satellite Industry Association announces Thursday.

4. From The Associated Press via The Washington Post: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden previews a solar electric propulsion source at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. SEP is a key part of the agency’s plans to corral a small asteroid into lunar orbit where it could be explored by astronauts.

A. From NBC News, of Los Angeles: Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser lifting body is on deck as a potential replacement for NASA’s space shuttle.

B. From NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is among those who greet Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser as it arrives at the Dryden Flight Research Center for testing.

5. From The launching of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket with a military communications satellite was scrubbed Thursday by a technical problem. Another attempt is planned for Friday, at 8:27 p.m., EST.

6. From the BBC: Launched from China less than a month ago, Ecuador’s first satellite has apparently been grazed by a Russian rocket fragment. The extent of damage, if any, was not clear.

7. From Space News: Florida adds $20 million to NASA efforts at the Kennedy Space Center to place former shuttle assets in commercial hands.

8. From The Galveston Daily News: A Nobel Peace Prize for the International Space Station? College student Erik Lopez is making the case for the orbiting lab developed by the U. S., Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan.

9. From The Associated Press via The Houston Chronicle: In Virginia, a high school student assists NASA with development of a new Barany Chair, a spinning device used by pilots to train for disorientation.

10: From and Deadline: Possibly coming to the Big Screen a feature film on Apollo space suit maker, ILC, or the International Latex Corporation.

11. From The Hubble Space Telescope brings new clarity to the Ring Nebula.

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