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CSExtra – Friday, November 2, 2012

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Friday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from around the world.  In Florida, the final shuttle orbiter, Atlantis, departs NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center and a new public display venue in 2013. U.S. and Japanese astronauts conduct a spacewalk on Thursday to address a cooling issue outside the International Space Station. President Obama includes changes in U. S. space policy among the accomplishments made by his administration. SpaceX reaches a milestone in its efforts to develop a crewed version of its Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 launch vehicle. NASA turns to industry for proposals for nose cones for the Space Launch System.  ATK finds post shuttle financial stability.


1. From NASA’s retired shuttle orbiter Atlantis moves from the Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Friday. It’s a 10 mile ground trek to Atlantis’ new public display venue, which is slated to open to the public in July 2013.

A. From Florida Today: Thousands will gather to watch the departure of NASA’s last shuttle orbiter.  Discovery, Enterprise and Endeavour were distributed to the Washington area, New York and Los Angeles earlier this year.

B. From Florida Today: A look back at the space and national security contributions made by Atlantis and her crews over 33 missions.

C. From The Associated Press via the Washington Post: The departure of Atlantis will be accompanied by more NASA shuttle program job losses.

2. From U. S. and Japanese astronauts troubleshoot a cooling system leak outside the International Space Station on Thursday. NASA astronaut Sunita Williams and Akihiko Hoshide, of Japan, spend nearly seven hours spacewalking.

3. From Space policy finds a spot on the Obama Administration’s list of first term accomplishments as a close campaign with Republican nominee Mitt Romney nears an end.

4. From Flight International: SpaceX, which completed its second U. S. commercial cargo delivery to the International Space Station on Sunday, reached another milestone in the company’s efforts to develop a piloted version of its Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 launch vehicle. SpaceX completes a NASA sponsored system requirements review.

A. From The Orlando Sentinel: An editorial pat on the back for SpaceX for making its second commercial cargo delivery to the International Space Station seem largely routine.,0,3042092.story

5. From The Huntsville Times: NASA’s seeks proposals for nose cone configurations for the Space Launch System. The flexibility will permit the NASA mega rocket to launch a range of science and exploration payloads.

6.  From Space News: ATK, developer of the solid rocket booster for NASA’s space shuttle, finds post shuttle stability in the agency’s plans to develop the Space Launch System mega rocket for future human deep space exploration.

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