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CSExtra – Friday, October 26, 2012

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Friday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from around the world.  A Russian Soyuz capsule delivers three U. S. and Russian space travelers to the International Space Station. China lofts another global navigation satellite. The European Space Agency ponders an unpiloted space plane. A fuel leak brings a temporary halt to South Korea’s satellite launch bid.  Frankenstorm, a late season hurricane, takes aim at the U. S. Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope mission is filled with challenges. In Europe, scientists question the wisdom of funding Exo Mars and future ops aboard the International Space Station. Another twist in the California meteorite find. Saturn weathers a super storm.


1. From CBS News: A Russian Soyuz spacecraft with three U. S. and Russian astronauts successfully docks with the International Space Station early Thursday. Oleg Novistskiy, Evgeny Tarelkin and Kevin Ford face a busy week of space station re-supply and spacewalk activities.

2. From Xinhuanet: China successfully launches another satellite into its global space navigational network.

3. From The European Space Agency’s guiding council will consider support for a small unpiloted space plane similar to the U. S. Air Force’s X-37 B when it convenes in November in Italy. ESA’s version is called the Innovative Space Vehicle.

4. From In South Korea, a fuel leak delays the country’s third attempt to launch a mostly indigenous rocket with a satellite. Repairs will take at least three days. Previous South Korean launch attempts failed in flight in 2009 and 2010.

5. From The New York Times: The U. S. mid-Atlantic and upper East Coast brace for a fall hurricane, some are calling Frankenstorm. Officially Hurricane Sandy, the tropical system may collide with a winter storm, producing severe flooding as far north as New York City, forecasters warn.

6. From The Huntsville Times: NASA confronts the challenge of launching the James Webb Space Telescope. It must be prepared carefully for its 2018 lift off into deep space. Unlike the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb will likely be out of reach of astronaut repair teams.

7. From Space News: In Europe,  a prominent science group questions plans before the European Space Agency to invest in the Exo Mars mission and the International Space Station. The eventual goal of Exo Mars is to robotically gather soil samples from Mars and return them to Earth. NASA favors an extension of ISS operation until 2020 or later.

A. From The Gannett News Service:  Mars will figure prominently in future U.S. space exploration plans, NASA program managers and scientists tell a space agency sponsored gathering in Arlington, Va.  Yet tight budgets loom as an obstacle.

8. From The San Francisco Chronicle: In the latest back and forth over the origin of a strange rock that surfaced in the San Francisco area during the Orion meteor shower, experts now say it came from space, not the Earth.

9. From The Los Angeles Times: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft tracks a mega storm on Saturn. The intensity and long duration are a surprise.,0,7766643.story

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