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CSExtra – Top Space News for Friday, August 30

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Friday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. U. S. space policy is adrift, say two George Washington University experts in the field. Bruce Murry, U. S. planetary exploration advocate and former director of The Planetary Society and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, dies. Arianespace scores successful Ariane 5 launch with European, Indian communications satellites. Russia, Europe look to cooperate in the exploration of Jupiter’s large moon Ganymede. NASA invests in a half dozen space exploration concepts. Virginia and Alaska team up to compete for commercial space business.


1. From Florida Today: U. S. space policy and future direction of human exploration is seriously adrift, say two George Washington University experts in the field. ”We’re currently in a very, very fragile situation, particularly as it regards human spaceflight,” notes Scott Pace, director of the GWU’s Space Policy Institute.

A. From Popular Mechanics: NASA lacks funds to operate the International Space Station and carry out a robust exploration program, according to GWU’s John Logsdon, founder of the university’s Space Policy Institute, historian and author.

B. From Lack of White House leadership to blame for space policy drift, say George Washington University policy experts.

2. From Bruce Murray, who joined the late Carl Sagan and Louis Friedman to establish the Planetary Society, died early Thursday of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. Murray was 81. A former director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Murray came to Cal Tech as a planetary science professor.

A. From the Los Angeles Times: Bruce Murray and his colleagues became a force to advocate planetary exploration,0,849584.story

B. From The New York Times: Bruce Murray, influenced by findings from early U. S. Mars missions, fought for planetary exploration when space spending dipped.

3. From Arianespace counts a successful Ariane 5 launch from French Guiana on Thursday. The lift off placed European and Indian communications satellites into orbit.

A. Ariane 5 departs on time with significant performance upgrades.

4. From Ria Novosti, of Russia: Russian and European space agency agree to collaborate on studies of the solar system’s largest moon — Jupiter’s Ganymede.

5. From The Coalition for Space Exploration. The NASA Advanced Innovative Concepts program announces Phase II grant awards. Among the NASA investments, an initiative to enable the automated assembly of large spacecraft structures.

A. From NASA funds a half dozen Advanced Innovative Concept program development efforts. They include laser thrusters, a gravitational wave detector, and more.

6. From The Associated Press via The Washington Post: Virginia and Alaska join forces as states to share expertise and other resources for the launchings of commercial spacecraft.

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