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CSExtra – Top Space News for Friday, March 14, 2014

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Today’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. Engineers pursue ground testing of NASA’s Orion crew capsule and Space Launch System heavy lift rocket. Mars migration and adventure are strong themes for the Explorers Club gala, reality television production. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter overcomes computer trouble. The lure and cost of a possible Europa mission. Planetary Society finds proposed 2015 NASA budget short on money for planetary science. Live from Space airs Friday night with inside story of life aboard the International Space Station and Mission Control. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Ukraine tensions prompt new U.S. review of Russian rocket purchases. NASA names new chief technologist. Lockheed Martin offers money back on flight options for commercial Atlas 5 launch. Arianespace seeks opportunity to compete for U.S. government launches.

NASA 2015 Budget

The Planetary Society’s Statement on the FY2015 NASA Budget Request

Planetary Society (3/13): The organization finds a flaw in NASA’s proposed $17.5 billion 2015 budget, too little for planetary science missions, both those underway and in development. “If this budget is passed unchanged, there will be fewer planetary missions in development by 2019 than at any point in the past few decades,” according to the pro space group.

Human Deep Space Exploration

Orion model returns for tests at NASA Langley

Hampton Roads Daily Press of Virginia (3/13):  NASA Orion capsule test article arrives at the Langley Research Center for a series of pre-launch tests. Testing will include computer flight simulations and water immersion.

Mini Rocket Models Used For Space Launch System Base Heating Test

Before it’s News (3/13): At NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, engineers use tiny scale models of the Space Launch System core stage to test heat build-up around the actual hardware. The actual core stage holding fuel for the SLS will tower more than 200 feet and ignite to start future U.S. explorers on missions of deep space exploration.

In 10 Years I Hope to Live on Mars

Huffington Post (3/14): The Explorers Club hosts an annual dinner this weekend in New York. At least one attending the event is ready to join Mars One for a migration to Mars. “I don’t want to ruin the surprise of Stephen Hawking’s keynote, but I will leave you with the last line of his address: “We must boldly go where no one has gone before,” writes Kellie Gerardi, who explains she intends to do just that.

‘The Ultimate Reality Series’ Is Becoming a Reality

TVBizwire (3/13): Mars One, the Dutch non-profit behind efforts to colonize Mars, teams with Lionsgate TV to develop a reality show production around the preparations.

Unmanned Deep Space Exploration

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Resumes Full Duty

NASA (3/13): NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recovers from a computer “safe mode: revealed on March 9. A resumption of normal operations is a few days away. The eagle eyed MRO maneuvered into orbit around Mars in March 2006.

Europa’s Water Geysers Entice Scientists to Send a Probe but Can NASA Do It on the Cheap?

Scientific American (3/13): As a destination, Jupiter’s ocean-covered moon holds great appeal. The price tag, however, is another matter.

Low Earth Orbit

This Island Earth: Amazing Astronaut Views to Shine in ‘Live From Space’ TV Event (3/13): National Geographic goes live tonight at 8 p.m. EDT with two hours of programming from the International Space Station. Live from Space will air in 170 countries and reflect the activities of the astronauts and the Mission Control teams that support them.

Houston, we’re ‘Live From Space’: National Geographic to go live with space station (3/14): Live from Space represents historic first as viewers follow activities of astronauts aboard the International Space Station and Mission Control for an entire orbit of the Earth. “I don’t think audiences have seen anything that compares to this,” executive producer Al Berman tells Collectspace. “If they’ve any interest in space at all, I think they will be riveted throughout the entire time.”

Ukraine prompts fresh U.S. look at use of Russian rocket engines

Reuters (3/13): U. S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announces fresh look at U.S. reliance on Russian rocket engines used to place national security and defense hardware in orbit. The review is linked to tensions between Russia and the West over the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine.

AeroAstro professor David Miller named NASA’s chief technologist

MIT (3/13): Dr. Miller is an accomplished NASA principal investigator.

Commercial to Low Earth Orbit

Lockheed Martin backs Atlas 5 launches with warranty (3/12): Lockheed Martin pledges money back or second launch opportunity to commercial companies that choose the Atlas 5 for their ride to orbit.

A European wildcard for EELV competition (3/13): Executives with Arianespace of France urge opportunity to compete with American companies for the launch of U.S. government satellites. Arianespace chairman and CEO Stéphane Israël took the message to the Satellite 2014 conference in Washington this week.

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