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CSExtra – Top Space News for Monday, April 7, 2014

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Today’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. NASA seeks opinions on space suit design.  Curiosity rover pausing for major rock study. Hubble imagery sparks version of NCAA’s March Madness. NASA prepares to make the most from its Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Mission before an anticipated April 21 demise. Scientists describe 2012 solar storm near miss. Sun and Moon, or sun and moon?  Earth Day nears; selfies requested. More on the bewilderment surrounding U.S. sanctions over U.S. and Russian cooperation in space. Europe sustains favorable Russian relations despite tensions over Ukraine. India advances plans for independent regional space navigation. North Korea unveils civil space agency. NASA finds a youthful STEM audience in Leesburg, Fla., U.S. Air Force Eastern Range bounces back from ground tracking station shutdown by rescheduling U.S. national security and NASA International Space Station cargo launches, Congress presses Pentagon to pursue domestic alternative to Russian RD-180 rocket engines. Washington to host major space policy activities this week.

Human Deep Space Exploration

NASA opens voting for next spacesuit

USA Today (4/6): NASA seeks guidance on next space suit design. Choose among “Biomimicry,” “Technology” and “Trends in Society” by April 15.

Unmanned Deep Space Exploration

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity arrives at next science destination (photos) (4/6): NASA’s Curiosity rover reaches vantage point for the Kimberley, a rock outcrop that is expected to receive extensive scrutiny. Similar scrutiny at Yellowknife Bay revealed evident for past conditions favorable for biological activity.

Hubble madness puts images taken by Hubble Space Telescope in competition

Wall Street Journal (4/6): Images from Hubble Space Telescope compete for public recognition in online global competition, Hubble Madness.

NASA spacecraft will crash into the moon this month (4/4): NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer will gather data to the end, as the latest U.S. moon orbiting probe runs out of fuel about April 21, crashing into the moon.

NASA contest: moon mission to impact lunar far side  what’s your best guess?

Coalition for Space Exploration (4/3): NASA urges followers of the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer mission to submit their estimates for the date of the mission’s lunar demise.

Earth’s close call with a solar super storm

Astronomy Now (4/6): Researchers conclude the Earth weathered a “close call” with a massive solar storm, whose impact could have disrupted communications and power distributions. Some damaged facilities would have required years and billions of dollars to repair.

Capital idea: Moon, Sun should be uppercase

Florida Today (4/7): Should we capitalize “Sun” and “Moon” in our writings? The case for the uppercase.

Low Earth Orbit

Attention: Passengers of planet Earth…your selfie wanted!

Coalition for Space Exploration (4/5): Earth Day approaches. It’s April 22. Put yourself in the forefront of the Earth’s majesty, NASA urges.

Decision to suspend cooperation with Russia causes bewilderment in NASA

Itar-Tass, of Russia (4/4): Many in U.S. bewildered by decision to curtail space activities with Russia. The International Space Station is exempted, but some worry it could become a target if tensions over Ukraine continue. There was cooperation in space even during the Cold War times, notes one U.S. space policy expert, who recalled the Apollo-Soyuz Project.

U.S. vs. Russia: Why the Space Station will survive the storm

NBC News (4/4): There’s no winner if tensions between the U.S. and Russia over Crimea lap over into operations aboard the 15 nation International Space Station.

With much more than ISS at stake, Europe stays course on Russian space partnerships

Space News (4/4): Europe sees no ripples in its dealings with Russia in space as a result of tensions over Ukraine.

NASA policy to suspend contact with Russia ‘unprecedented,’ but maybe symbolic, expert says (4/4): U.S. restrictions in space cooperation with Russia may be largely symbolic because they exempt the International Space Station, notes Fordham University space historian.

North Korea names space agency ‘NADA’

The Hill (4/3): North Korea reveals name, logo for new space agency.

NASA Day in Leesburg aimed at exposing youths to science, technology, engineering and math careers

Orlando Sentinel (4/4): In Leesburg, Fla., the lure of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics attracts a young audience. NASA joins with the local Genesis Center to entertain, educate.

Commercial to Low Earth Orbit

ULA, SpaceX reschedule launches after radar outage (4/4): Florida launches rescheduled following repairs to U.S. Air Force Eastern Range ground tracking station damaged by electrical problems on March 24. A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 is scheduled for launching on April 10 with a National Reconnaissance Office payload. SpaceX follows on April 14 with the launching of its third Dragon commercial cargo mission to the International Space Station.

U.S. lawmakers press defense officials on use of Russian-made rocket engine

Space News (4/4): U.S. military, national security officials tell Congress they favor a strategy that supports U.S. production of rocket engines now manufactured by Russia for the U.S. Atlas 5 rocket. Hearing before House Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee follows tensions between U.S. and Russia over Ukraine.

Major Space Related Activities for the Week

Major space related activities for the week of April 7-11, 2014 (4/6): Much is in planned in Washington this week with NASA themes, including Congressional hearings

A full schedule of hearings next week (4/5): House, Senate oversight and appropriations panels schedule three hearings on NASA’s budget and future planning this week. In addition to the budget, plans for a new NASA authorization measure, the agencies first since 2010, will be among the topics.

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