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CSExtra – Top Space News for Wednesday, September 11

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Wednesday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. U. S. and Russian astronauts end a 5 1/2 month stay on International Space Station. Scientists study food, nutrition for deep space consumption. Dutch Mars colony project draws wide interest; few though willing to pay for fee to compete for launch on 2023 settlement mission. Florida International University rescues undersea lab for deep space human spaceflight simulation. Curiosity rover tackles longest drive, prepares to take a break for science. NASA NuSTAR X-ray space telescope team announces first major discoveries. Astronomers suggest NASA’s hobbled Kepler space telescope suited for planet search with micro lensing. California, Florida finding economic upswing with space, high tech. ESPN enlists space station astronaut for “Top 10 Plays” intro.


1. From Three U.S. and Russian astronauts return to Earth in Kazakhstan late Tuesday, ending a 5 1/2 month long mission to the International Space Station. U. S. astronaut Chris Cassidy and Russian colleagues Pavel Vinogradov, the station’s Expedition 36 commander, and cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, descend aboard their Soyuz capsule into remote Kazakhstan.

A. Ria Novosti, of Russia: International Space Station astronauts reported to be in “good health” upon landing in remote Kazakhstan.

2. From Modern Farmer: Scientists, assisted by International Space Station astronauts, focus on agriculture in space. The work on several continents may lead to green houses in deep space or on Mars for future human explorers or planetary settlers.

3. From Mars One, the Dutch nonprofit planning a one way trip to the red planet for prospective settlers, counts more than 200,000 expressing interest at the Aug. 31 registration deadline. However, a much smaller number, just over 2,700, have actually paid a registration fee and completed other requirements to move to the next round of selection process.

A. From Parabolic Arc: The website offers a detailed breakdown of Mars One interest. It’s overwhelmingly male, mostly from the U. S. In all, 140 countries are represented.

4. From The Associated Press via Florida Today:  Astronaut researchers return to the Aquarius Reef Base off Key West in Florida this week.  Those participating in “Sea Test” include NASA astronauts Joe Acaba and Kate Rubins, Soichi Noguchi of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; and Andreas Mogensen and Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency. Last occupied by astronauts in 2012, the 43-foot-long NOAA lab faced closure at year’s end because of spending cuts. Florida International University, however, agreed to take over operations of the undersea facility where the isolation simulates spaceflight conditions.

5. From NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover conducts its longest day long drive yet, 464 feet, on Sept. 5. The rover is headed to Mount Sharp in Gale Crater for further studies of the planet’s environmental past.

A. From The Los Angeles Times: Curiosity rover to take break for science investigations, the robot’s first use of science instruments in two months.,0,7803450.story

6. From NASA’s NuSTAR X-ray space telescope discovers 10 massive black holes at the hearts of distant galaxies. The find marks the first major discovery for the two year NuSTAR mission launched in June 2012.

7. From National Geographic News: NASA’s alien planet hunting Kepler space telescope was hobbled in May by reaction control system failures. However, Kepler’s search might resume using a “micro lensing” technique proposed by scientists. NASA is considering a new mission for the telescope that was launched in 2009.

8. From KNBC of Los Angeles: Government and commercial space programs bring new revenues and jobs to California, following the cancellation of the previous administration’s Constellation program and the space shuttle retirement.

A. From Florida Trend: Florida becomes growing mecca for high tech industry, including space and robotics.

9.  From ESPN: Popular sports network plans to offer entertainment to the International Space Station crew. As part of the programming, departing NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy introduces a “Top 10 Plays” list from the space station via YouTube. Cassidy was among three station crew members who returned to Earth late Tuesday.

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