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CSExtra – Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Tuesday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. President Obama and top administration scientists and technologists joined students in Washington on Monday for the third annual White House Science Fair. Future NASA strides depend on a roll back of sequestration, Administrator Charles Bolden tells Alabama businessmen. Protect NASA’s planetary sciences budget, write two space and technology vets. Mars One, a Dutch nonprofit, calls for astronauts to participate in a one-way mission to Mars. Record setting NASA astronaut Jerry Ross endorses the objectives of Inspiration Mars, a U. S. nonprofit with plans to launch two astronauts around Mars. Monday marked the 43rd Earth Day. A partial lunar eclipse is coming Thursday. International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield takes on a student challenge: wring a wet wash cloth.


1. From The Washington Post: President Obama joined about 100 students on Monday for the 3rd annual White House Science Fair. The president pedaled a bicycle that generated electricity for a small sanitation system and gazed at energy producing algae outside his Washington residence to promote the value of STEM education. “…we’ve got to give the millions of Americans who work in science and technology not only the kind of respect they deserve but also new ways to engage young people,” said Obama, while flanked by some of his administration’s top scientists and engineers.

2. From The Huntsville Times: The NASA mission outlined in the Obama Administration’s 2014 budget proposal depends on the White House and Congress agreeing to a strategy that rolls back sequestration, NASA Administration Charles Bolden tells the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County and its partners at a Washington breakfast meeting on Monday.

A. From Space News: The White House and Congress should step up funding for NASA’s planetary science programs, write Georgia Institute of Technology professor Robert Braun, a former NASA chief technologist, and Noel Hinners, a retired Lockheed Martin and NASA executive, in an op-ed.  ”For 50 years, NASA’s program of robotic planetary science has been unparalleled in its successes and scope,” according to the two men. “Continuing this success requires action now, as these missions take years to develop and then to reach their destinations.”

3. From Orbital Sciences Corp’s successful Antares rocket launch on Sunday receives endorsements from the White House and members of Congress familiar with NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Systems program.  The test advances a bid by the Virginia company to launch supply missions to the International Space Station.

4. From National Public Radio: Mars One, a Dutch non profit, seeks astronauts for a one-way mission to Mars. The group plans to turn the mission into a television reality show to pay the way.

A. From Mars One seeks 24 astronauts prepared to reach Mars by 2023.

B. From NBC Funding will be a major challenge for Mars One, says Bas Lansdorp, the organization’s co founder. “It’s easier to finance a mission to Mars than to finance a mission to the moon,” he added. Mars One reported 10,000 emails from persons in 100 countries expressing interest taking part in a one way mission.

5.  From Space News: In an op-ed, former NASA astronaut Jerry Ross endorses plans by Inspiration Mars, another nonprofit, to launch two astronauts on a 501 day mission around Mars and back to Earth in 2018. “In my book, Spacewalker, and other recent writings, I have advocated the need for America to once again dream big dreams, work toward difficult goals and consequently reap the benefits in education, technology and our economy just as benefits were realized when we first journeyed to the Moon,” writes Ross. Ross logged a record tying seven shuttle missions

6. From The Los Angeles Times: Monday marked Earth Day, an annual observance. The significance of the observation has grown thanks to images of the planet taken by camera equipped astronauts from the Apollo to the International Space Station era.,0,2465762.story

A. From The Huffington Post: “Good Morning, World, and Happy Earth Day from orbit!” said International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield by Twitter. “If anything, my respect and my concern and my love for the Earth has only been deepened by [having this] new perspective on the planet,” added Hadfield, who is flying for the third time.

7. From The full moon Thursday will feature a partial lunar eclipse for viewers in Europe, Africa or Asia. Sorry, North and South America.

A. From NASA’s Marshall Space Flight  Center web streams this year’s Lyrid meteor shower.

8. From The New York Times: Students from Canada suggest it, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station, follows up. Last week, Hadfield wrung out a wet wash cloth, creating a weightless tube of water that is delighting audiences on Youtube.

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