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CSExtra – Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Wednesday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. President Obama presents Congress with a 2014 budget proposal today, one that is expected to include an asteroid capture assignment for NASA.  A top U. S. Air Force general warns national security spacecraft could be jeopardized by sequestration and prolonged lean budgets. Russia closes in on a heavy lift rocket decision. Canada’s Radar Sat-1 experiences a communications loss. NASA’s Orion spacecraft nears a crucial pre-launch test. An aging sun-like star offers a youthful surprise. In Florida, high school students design and assemble a satellite for a future space mission.


1. From Today, the White House delivers its proposed 2014 fiscal year budget to Congress, where both the House and Senate have already adopted differing budget resolutions for the next fiscal year. As a baseline, NASA will receive $16.6 billion for 2013 in response to sequestration, a 5 percent reduction, and rescissions that totaled 0.2 percent.

A. From Multiple news reports suggest NASA’s 2014 budget includes money to kick off an ambitious mission to corral an asteroid and place in orbit around the moon for exploration by astronauts and scientific studies. The ambitious project could transform NASA, the website reports.

B. From Extensive searches for small asteroids that pose a collision threat to Earth may not be helpful, concludes a German researcher.  Alexander Deutsch, a professor of planetology at the University of Münster in Germany, made his presentation in Vienna.

2. From Space News: In an editorial, the trade publication finds the spending cuts imposed by sequestration akin to the Near Earth Objects that threaten to collide with the Earth. An array of space assets, from weather satellites to military hardware essential to national security, are at risk, Space News cautions.

A. From Aviation Week & Space Technology: Budget concerns extend to the Pentagon, where the future of the latest missile warning and communications satellites are in jeopardy, warns USAF Gen. William Shelton, Air Force Space Command chief.

B. Limited budgets may subject critical U. S. space assets to a “perfect storm,” General Shelton cautions.

3. From Itar-Tass, or Russia: Energia Rocket and Space Corp. nears a decision on development of a new super rocket for human missions to the moon. The development timeline leads to 2030.

4.  From The CBC, of Canada: Radar Sat-1, a Canadian Earth observation satellite launched in 1995, experiences a potentially mission ending technical issue.

5. From Flight International: The Orion spacecraft designated for launch in the fall of 2014 as part of NASA’s Exploration Flight Test-1 is slated to undergo a round of loads testing later this month.

6. From An aging sun-like star, with what appear to be a pair of Jupiter class planets, offers a surprise, a dust disk of the type that usually indicates a period of planet forming.

7. From Florida Today: Students from nearby Merritt Island High School gather at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to assemble a small satellite named StangSat for the school’s mascot, the Mustang. This handful of students may be among the youngest in the nation to design and build a satellite with a chance to make its way into orbit.

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