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CSExtra – Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Wednesday’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from around the world. A United Launch Alliance Delta 4 sends a U. S. reconnaissance satellite into orbit from California on Tuesday. NASA jets will overfly Washington on Wednesday to set the stage for the scheduled arrival of the retired shuttle orbiter Discovery later this month. China makes disclosures about its global space navigation system. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visits NASA’s Deep Space Network tracking station in Australia, a key installation for the August landing of the Mars Science Laboratory. International Space Station astronauts take their one millionth photo. NASA sets a new launch date for the NuStar astrophysics mission. Viewing the Lyriad meteor shower.

1. From  A United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket with a classified U. S. military satellite launches Tuesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.

2. From On Thursday, NASA training jets will scout the Washington area flight path for the NASA Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft that is scheduled to transport the retired orbiter Discovery from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the Dulles International Airport on April 17. Discovery is headed to the Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum.

A. From the Associated Press via the Washington Post: IMAX cameras used by NASA astronauts assigned to space shuttle missions will be donated to the Air and Space Museum on Wednesday.

3. From China comes forth with public disclosure about its Bei Dou global navigation satellite system.

4. From the Sydney Morning Herald of Australia: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visits the Canberra region, where a tracking station that is part of NASA’s Deep Space Network will take aim at Mars on Aug. 6 as the Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity rover descends to the surface of Mars.

5. From Since the Mercury days, NASA’s astronauts have been snapping photographs from spacecraft. The latest of those, the International Space Station, has served as an orbital platform for more than one million images. The one millionth image captured the Tasmanian sea and a part of the space station.

6. From NASA looks to June for the launch of the $165 million NuStar astrophysics mission. The spacecraft will be launched with an Orbital Sciences’ Pegasus rocket dropped from an L-1011 aircraft staged from the Marshall Islands.

7. From The Lyriad meteor shower peaks April 21/22. Best viewing is between midnight and dawn.  A new moon improves the viewing of this shower.

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